News Release: NY CREATES Welcomes Return of Dr. Douglas Grose as Board of Directors Chair

NY CREATES Welcomes Return of Dr. Douglas Grose as Board of Directors Chair

For Immediate Release: Monday, May 6, 2024
Contact: Steve Ference | | +1 (518) 424-6029

Recognized Semiconductor Industry Leader Bolsters NY CREATES’  Innovation, Industry Partnerships, and Workforce Development Efforts

Albany, N.Y. – The New York Center for Research, Economic Advancement, Technology, Engineering, and Science (NY CREATES) announced the return of Dr. Douglas A. Grose as the non-profit organization’s appointed Board Chair. Dr. Grose brings a wealth of experience and leadership to this position, having previously served as NY CREATES’ President and board chairman until 2021.

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight said, “Dr. Grose is a pillar of the semiconductor industry, with unparalleled credentials and a highly-respected record of leadership and integrity. He is an excellent partner, and we are excited that he is returning to NY CREATES as Board Chair, where his guidance and expertise will help to further grow New York State’s dynamic innovation economy.”

“NY CREATES is a key driver of semiconductor-based R&D, industry collaboration, workforce development, and high-tech economic advancement not only for New York State, but also for our nation at a time when historic CHIPS Act investments will reestablish America’s technological leadership. I am thrilled to return to NY CREATES as Board Chair to further support this organization’s upward trajectory and ability to address global chip-centered challenges,” said Dr. Douglas Grose. “On behalf of the NY CREATES board, I also extend my gratitude to Kristin Proud for her outstanding dedication to this organization while acting as its interim board chair, and I welcome her continued contributions to the board of directors.”

Dr. Grose’s return to NY CREATES follows his support of the American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition (ASIC) during the last two years.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Grose back to NY CREATES as our returning Board Chair,” said Dave Anderson, President of NY CREATES. “His extensive industry expertise and proven leadership will be instrumental in further guiding our organization as we engage in our next phase of growth and establish North America’s only non-profit-led, public-private High NA EUV Lithography Center where sub-2 nanometer computer chip components will be produced. This will enable NY CREATES to continue to innovate, train the 21st century workforce, and create rewarding high-tech careers.”

The Northeast Region of the U.S., with New York State as a semiconductor hub, has a strong history of public-private partnerships and is well positioned to support the federal government’s commitment to semiconductor R&D, including the CHIPS Act. The centerpiece of the region’s national strategy is NY CREATES’ Albany NanoTech Complex, the most advanced, non-profit owned 300mm semiconductor R&D facility in North America and one of the most advanced sites in the world. At the site, globally recognized semiconductor industry leaders are developing the materials, technologies, and processes for next-gen chips which will be used in everyday applications in approximately five to seven years.

Dr. Grose’s distinguished career in the semiconductor industry included more than 20 years at IBM before he became the Senior Vice President of Technology Development, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), later helping to direct the formation of GlobalFoundries, where he served from 2009 to 2011 as CEO.



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NY CREATES Veteran Semiconductor Training & Experience Program (Vet S.T.E.P)

While you may know NY CREATES is dedicated to fostering workforce development in the semiconductor industry, you may not know how we’re also supporting our military servicemembers. That’s why we’re excited to shine a spotlight on our Veteran Semiconductor Training & Experience Program (Vet S.T.E.P.), an initiative designed to equip soon-to-be veterans with valuable skills in the semiconductor technology.

Vet S.T.E.P. is a recognized Department of Defense SkillBridge program and the United States Army Career Skills Program, funded by the National Science Foundation (N.S.F.), and hosted by NY CREATES to prepare transitioning service members for technician careers in the semiconductor ecosystem (fabs, equipment and/or material suppliers). This 10-week program consists of a two-week, hands-on training, followed by an 8-week internship with one of our company partners.

Empowering Success in Semiconductor Technology

Transitioning from military service to civilian life can be challenging. At NY CREATES, we provide program participants the tools they need to thrive in the high-demand semiconductor workforce. The Vet S.T.E.P. program offers hands-on training, mentorship, and industry connections, ensuring that participants are equipped with technical knowledge and supported throughout their transition. 

VET S.T.E.P. classroom at the Albany NanoTech Complex

Targeted Training

Our program provides veterans with hands-on training in semiconductor technology, allowing them to develop practical skills that are highly sought after in the industry. For instance, participants will gain a deep understanding of advanced manufacturing practices, essential electronics operations, mechatronics troubleshooting, and pneumatics technology, which are necessary for roles such as semiconductor process engineer or equipment technician.

Impactful Mentorship

Each servicemember learns directly from industry experts, typically experienced professionals who provide guidance, support, and valuable insights throughout the program. Our mentors are committed to helping the class participants navigate the complexities of the semiconductor industry, explain specific engineering terminology, and offer advice on career development, networking, and professional growth. Mentorship plays a crucial role in the success of our program.

Industry Connections

In addition to hands-on training and mentorship, the Vet S.T.E.P. program helps transitioning servicemembers build connections within the semiconductor industry. Through this program, participants can interact with partnered companies and potential future employers. These connections enhance the participants’ job prospects and foster a strong sense of community and belonging within the industry, making them feel part of something bigger.

Fostering Personal Growth and Industry Advancement

At NY CREATES, investing in our transitioning servicemembers benefits them individually and contributes to the advancement of the semiconductor industry. By equipping them with valuable skills and enabling their transition into the workforce, we’re not just filling critical talent gaps and driving innovation in semiconductor technology, but we are also fostering personal growth and career transformation.

VET S.T.E.P. students doing electrical work at Albany NanoTech Complex

Supporting Our Transitioning Military Servicemembers and Veterans

The Vet S.T.E.P. program at NY CREATES is more than just a training initiative—it’s a commitment to empowering transitioning military servicemembers and strengthening workforce development in the semiconductor industry. This program is a memorable experience and a meaningful difference for those who have served our country and ensured a brighter future for the semiconductor industry.

Are you a member of the military or veteran interested in this program? Learn how you can participate by contacting Vet S.T.E.P Program Manager, Dan Cochran,

Learn more about the program here:

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from the Vet S.T.E.P. program at NY CREATES.

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