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Academic Partners

The Research Foundation of the State University of New York (RF-SUNY) and the Empire State Development Corporation (ESD) both aim to catalyze the varied engagements of NY CREATES with academic faculty. These faculty could be in New York, in the SUNY campuses or in private NY-based universities, as well as in research institutions of note across the United States, and the globe. Research partnerships with faculty range from neuromorphic device fabrication to chips for characterizing quantum decoherence, and more.

The Research Foundation for the State University of New York

The Research Foundation for The State University of New York (RF) is the largest comprehensive university-connected research foundation in the country. It exists to serve the State University of New York (SUNY) by providing essential administrative services that enable SUNY faculty to focus their efforts on the education of students and the performance of life-changing research across a wide range of disciplines including medicine, engineering, physical sciences, energy, computer science, and social sciences. The RF is a private non-profit education cor­poration that is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c) (3).

NY CREATES is an affiliated corporation of the Research Foundation for SUNY.

The State University of New York (SUNY)

The State University of New York is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States. Our impact in New York State and across the globe begins with our 64 institutions, including research universities, academic medical centers, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, colleges of technology and an online learning network. We serve nearly 1.3 million students, including nearly 600,000 in credit bearing courses and programs and more than 700,000 through continuing education and community outreach programs. Our nearly 3 million SUNY alumni are located around the globe, each making their own unique impact.

NY CREATES has on-going program development with specific campuses including: Binghamton Uni., Stony Brook Uni., University at Albany, and University at Buffalo.

State University of NY SUNY Campus

Associated Universities


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