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Infrastructure and Capabilities

  • Full suite of leading-edge, industry-relevant 300mm process tools capable of 7-5nm node CMOS development
  • Wide range of lithographic capabilities (MUV, 193i, EUV) / EUV patterning technology development with industry leaders
  • 100K ft2, Class-1 capable cleanroom space / Multi-tenant semiconductor operations, and intellectual property management
  • Industry-standard fab control methods, WIP tracking and analyses, and results reporting / Quality management system (QMS) capable of fabricating ISO 9001:2015 products
  • 24/7 pilot line operation / Capacity of >10,000 full-flow wafer starts per year or >40,000 short-loop wafer starts per year
  • Fabrication of 65nm customer designs on established CMOS process flow
  • Full complement of on-site analytical services and testing capability
  • Flexibility for advanced R&D uniquely combined with operational discipline


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