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Dr. Eric Holland, Keysight Technologies

Quantum Engineering Solutions Enabling Quantum 2.0

October 15 (Thursday), 2020, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm (EDT)

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Abstract: A silver lining for 2020 has been the tremendous boom experienced by the second quantum revolution.  Countless domestic and international long-term plans and investments in quantum technologies have emerged creating sustained, decade long R&D strategies.  One may wonder: Why is there such global interest and excitement in quantum technologies?  In this talk, Dr. Holland will give a brief overview on Quantum 2.0 and how it opens new and exciting avenues in sensing, computation, and communication.  From there, he will present the challenges and opportunities facing the quantum supply chain and how Keysight Technologies’ Quantum Engineering Solutions group, through their recent acquisitions of Signadyne (firmware and classical control hardware) and Labber (platform agnostic mid-ware composer and manager), aims to not only meet but to exceed the needs of quantum scientists and engineers.

Biography:  Dr. Eric Holland is an R&D quantum physicist in Keysight Technologies’ Quantum Engineering Solutions group.  He has extensive experience in the design, development, and characterization of Josephson junction based superconducting quantum processors.  Dr. Holland’s previous roles in DOE US National Laboratories include the Deputy Head of Quantum Technology in the Fermilab Quantum Institute as well as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Chief Quantum Hardware & Application Architect.  This event is a virtual ‘homecoming’ as his first position after completing a Ph.D. at Yale University was as a Research Scientist in the quantum computing project at SUNY Poly SEMATECH.