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NY CREATES is proud to forge large-scale collaborations with industry leaders

in a variety of high technology areas of strategic importance to the economy for the next several decades. These range from power electronics to integrated photonics, from artificial intelligence to quantum computing.  In addition to leveraging New York State’s leadership in advanced technology, these partnerships are designed to support the economic vitality and dynamic innovation that has characterized the United States over more than two centuries.

The IBM Research AI Hardware Center is a part of IBM’s global research network, and is headquartered in Albany, NY. The Center, which includes SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron Ltd among its partners, works on new materials, devices and next-generation chips required to speed the development of AI to its full potential.

TEL Technology Center, America, LLC

Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) founded the TEL Technology Center, America (TTCA) in 2003,
as its flagship R&D center in the US, headquartered at Albany. TTCA’s R&D projects support
next-generation semiconductor manufacturing processes as well as the equipment needed by
leading chip manufacturers worldwide. On the occasion of TTCA’s 15th anniversary in 2018,
TEL President & CEO Kawai predicted, “The world’s insatiable appetite for data will continue to
fuel unprecedented growth for the semiconductor industry. Meeting this demand spurs the ongoing technological innovation that occurs at TTCA every day. TEL will support scaling CMOS processes and features to their atomic limits while pushing our exploration further into the realm of neuromorphic structures, novel materials, and quantum engineering.” TTCA’s footprint at Albany encompasses 16,000 square feet of cleanroom space and 80 TEL tools with full flow integrated processing and patterning capabilities, complemented by more than 18,000 square feet of office space (which has doubled in size since inception). In 2018, NY CREATES President Dr. Doug Grose pointed to TTCA’s deepening partnership at Albany as a great example of how advanced resources, world-class capabilities, and a shared vision for high-tech collaboration can allow NY CREATES partners, like TEL, to meet their business objectives and thrive.

The Materials Engineering Technology Accelerator (META Center), a first-of-its-kind facility aimed at speeding customer prototyping of new materials, process technologies and devices. As chipmaking becomes increasingly challenging, the META Center extends Applied’s ability to collaborate with customers to pioneer new ways of improving chip performance, power and cost. 

At the META Center, engineers can evaluate novel chip materials, structures and devices, testing them in a robust pilot manufacturing environment and accelerating their readiness for customer high-volume manufacturing facilities. Among the first chip devices under evaluation at the META Center is a new magnetic random-access memory (MRAM) targeted at Internet of Things devices, providing low-power, nonvolatile code storage and high-density working memory.

The Center for Semiconductor Research is an established partnership with the leading companies in the semiconductor industry. It is a long-term, multi-phase, joint R&D cooperative program that began with work on the 32 nanometer CMOS node and has continued over the past twenty years, with industry-leading announcements of R&D into the 7 nm and 5 nm CMOS nodes. Its mandate has included work on graphene-based devices, on neuromorphic computing and other AI-enabling hardware.

NY CREATES is working with Cree to develop the world’s first 200 mm SiC fab in upstate New York. Until the completion of its Mohawk Valley fab, Cree is utilizing NY PEMC’s SiC process equipment at Albany. As the fab ramps, Cree will transfer the NY PEMC equipment and its 200 mm process to the Marcy, NY site. Since 2017, NY PEMC and Danfoss have been working on SiC power module production lines – the first by Danfoss in New York State.


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