About the Women's Innovative Network

The Women’s Innovative Network (WIN) strives to build a community through togetherness, networking and mentorship at NY CREATES.

WIN not only supports the professional growth of its members but also actively nurtures an environment that embraces inclusion, thereby enhancing the overall culture at NY CREATES.

Events and Outreach Efforts

WIN has organized numerous events since its formation, successfully connecting people from different parts of our organization and making us feel more united. From networking events to charity efforts and donation drives, WIN’s outreach efforts have extended beyond our organization, connecting with and helping the wider community.

WIN Events and Participation at NY CREATES in 2023-2024:

WIN fosters the overall culture of NY CREATES,
by providing a community for women and allies  – across all departments –
that empowers and uplifts through professional development, togetherness, communication, and mentorship
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