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Scaling Driven, System Driven

The NY CREATES team, working on quantum technologies is driven by these ‘principles’: (a) Quantum technologies will benefit from research now on scalable designs, using CMOS-like fabrication methods with CMOS fab-friendly materials. (b) Rather than picking qubit winners and losers, research is needed now to expand the performance envelope of the various qubit modalities (c) Research is needed now to identify scalable ways to create hybrid quantum systems that use different quantum technologies to contribute their unique advantages to the whole.

NY CREATES’ researchers bring their extensive expertise in semiconductor devices to the challenge of scaling quantum technologies. Knowledge of integrated circuit fabrication technologies, well-known and cutting edge, coupled to state-of-the-art facilities, permits our team to push the technology ahead. Just as importantly, NY CREATES aims to provide an open framework for collaborative research and technology development – made easier by NY CREATES’ non-profit status. Our partners include AFRL-Rome, Tokyo Electron Technology Center America (TTCA), University of Maryland, Syracuse University, Binghamton University, Auburn University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, NIST Boulder, as well as companies like Seeqc.

In the links alongside, you can find additional information about NY CREATES work on superconducting qubits, novel materials and processes for 300mm-scale fabrication of Josephson junctions and for UV-transparent photonic integrated circuits and electro-optic modulators. NY CREATES is also working towards superconducting digital electronics that could interface with the qubits, in addition to fundamental research on novel materials and processes for improved superconducting device performance.